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Sarging by accident - NY PUA

About Sarging by accident

Sarging by accident Sep. 16th, 2007 @ 02:56 pm Next Entry
9/15 Field report:

Today I moved into my new flat in Edinburgh… and it is POSH. I’m way pleased with it and glad I held out for it as long as I did. At about 10 PM I headed out to the Southsider to meet up with friends (vet students) and hopefully practice some of my newly found PUA skills… note, I was really not planning on sarging at all. I even invited my new flat mates to come out with me. I peacocked with: a Goonies movie “truffle shuffle” shirt uner an open button down shirt and a loosely knotted tie I threaded through the collr of the shirt, regardless of it being open. When I walked into the pub, I was blazing a giant smile, and without even realizing it, I was AMOGing like crazy. All the guys I knew I was giving hardy back taps and shoulder squeezes to and any one who commented on the tie negatively (e.g. “Why are you wearing a tie?”) I took with stride and either replied with a “Yeah” and ignored them or (if it was a cute girl opening me) I just rolled my eyes and said “I’m obviously trying to be dressed up.” Soon, I was watching every male/ female interaction in the pub (to my astonishment comprised of almost all veterinary students) and critiquing their game, watching what worked and what failed. I started negging some girls from my class and I couldn’t believe how well a little pushing and pulling did. Only one girl was I truly interested in, girl A (8), and she was newly single as of 4 months ago. She said she was going to drop her friend at her flat because her friend wasn’t feeling good, but then meet everyone at the club. I didn’t really believe her, but I felt great anyway because I could feel the eyes looking at the back of my head before I turned around to greet them with my smile. Then to Dropkick Murphy’s.
I showed up with my 2 flatmates, Adam, English, 19 and slightly awkward in his 6’1” body, and Louise, a 17 year-old French girl who probably has a higher alcohol tolerance than I do. I had my ID and so did Adam, but they weren’t going to let Loise in without ID… unless I was THE MAN last night… When he asked her for ID, I quickly interjected with:
Me: “Dude, this is my buddy’s girlfriend from France… she doesn’t speak English.” (lie)
Bouncer: looking at Adam “Do you speak French?”
Adam: “A little”
Bouncer: in disbelief “You don’t speak French and she’s your girlfriend?”
Adam: now hesitating… “Well… umm… I was on holiday and it… umm… just kinda happened”
Bouncer: “Does she have ID?”
Adam: looking at Louise “Do you have ID?”
Me: Desperately trying to distract the bouncer from Adam’s awkward handling of the situation, “Dude, just ask her if she’s got her passport or something.” Then, surreptitiously mouthing to him, “in French.”
Adam: Mumbles something that I could tell was incoherent French… and I don’t speak French.
Lou: Says something in French, doing a very good job of looking confused at everything we said… this may be because her English is sketchy enough to actually have her confused at this ridiculous dialog.
Adam: To the bouncer “She said she doesn’t have ID.”
Bouncer: obviously flustered and not sure how to handle this now “What’s her birthday?”
Adam: …
Me: “Adam, just ask her what her birthday is.”
Adam: Mumbles more incoherent French.
Me: trying to take the authority away from the bouncer, “So, what is her birthday dude?” The bouncer looks at him dead on, willing to listen to what he has to say.
Adam: Umm… September… 21st… 19…87?
Me: “Ok, great!” flashing a giant smile at the bouncer to show my authentic approval of his answer… all the while thinking why he asked the bouncer her birthday as if he would have known better then Adam.
Bouncer: 2 Second pause looking at me “All right, 2 pounds each and get your hand stamped.”
I paid the 6 pounds for our entries and we got in. I told them to get me a drink, I went and sussed the club up. It was freakin’ packed. I saw my friends and started flirting with more vet girls. This one girl, Girl B (7.5-8), usually openly slutty, was hanging all over me and eventually took my tie and put it around her neck. She looked to me for approval.
B: “Well?”
Me: “You took my tie… “
B: “Don’t you think it looks better on me?
Me: “I gotta tell ya, I think it works much better on my collar.”
B: Not sure what to say “I… don’t think so.” She’s used to getting what she wants and I wasn’t giving it to her.
Me: “Whatever you say…”
I know her from last year pretty well, all though I wouldn’t call her a friend, we are friendly towards each other. She’s got a nice rack and she’s got some DSL and her ass is nice and tight. I ignored her for a bit and let her walk around with my tie around her neck. After getting my drink, I went up to her again
Me: “I gotta tell you, that tie really doesn’t work for you, you’re gonna have to give it back.”
B: Obviously flustered “Well, I think it looks better right here,” moving her finger between her breasts, exposing her cleavage by moving the tie over her left breast
Me: “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree… so, what do I need to do for it back… I mean, it is mine… I’m not gonna pay you for it”
B: “Ok, you can buy me a drink then.”
Me: “How about a kiss instead,” and I point to my cheek.
B: Unsure why I wasn’t drooling all over her, begging to buy her alcohol, she kisses my on the right cheek next to my big smile. Any other time if she had asked, as a friend or classmate, fine, I would have bought her a drink but she was out for my balls and she wasn’t getting them.
Me: “Ok then, hand it over.” I got my tie back. A little later I was chatting with more friends, I had a dance with girl B and she asked again:
B: “Wanna buy me a drink?”
Me: Feeling it out and determining it was more playful and friendly now, I would cat & string this a little before giving in… if at all, “Not really, but you’re welcome to get me one.” She shakes her head no. I put a fake ‘shocked’ look on my face. “Ok, you look pretty adventurous, how about I buy one for you and you buy one for me and we’ll surprise each other.” (I know she drinks Fosters, so it would be an easy win).
B: “I’m too traditional to buy you a drink!”
Me: “I’m too adventurous to not be bought one back.” I am thoroughly enjoying this.
B: “What if you buy this round and I buy the next round.”
Me: “Promise you’ll buy one for me then?”
B: “Promise”
Me: “Pinky swear?”
B: Giggling, “How American… Pinky swear.” We lock pinkies. I bought her a drink, almost sheerly for the enjoyment of that banter really, but I figured that I’d be able to hold that pinky swear over her head another time cause I wasn’t drinking more tonight. I paid almost no attention to her and it drove her mad… she’s an attention whore. I peaced out with my flat mates and headed home. You could see in her face the disappointment of not being able to conquer me that night. To quickly summarize the rest of the night, I ran into girl A outside, met up with her later, ran the cube, C vs. U shaped smiles and conveniently she had to use the toilet at my flat. I gave her a massage she looks at me and says “I don’t want to kiss you or anything because I’m moving back to Ireland and I don’t want to have either of us hurt.” I look into her eyes and ask “Do you want to kiss me?” and we hooked up. She’s gorgeous. I was happy because this girl was somethin’ else… not only to look at, but as a person, and this was a nice christening of my room. Nothing too extreme, but I feel like I’m on top of the world.
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Date:April 2nd, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)

Peacocking Gear

Sounds like your did good! I like the kino with the pinky promise and nice with the C-Shaped smile routine. Sounds like you got solid game. If you are ever looking for Peacocking Accessories check out http://www.pua-gear.com . I got a necklace from there and it is pimp and came in 3 days! Keep up the good work bro!
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