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opener and a filed report - NY PUA

About opener and a filed report

Previous Entry opener and a filed report Sep. 19th, 2007 @ 10:51 am Next Entry
Although we at NYCSargeTeam will be doing the vast majority of our posting at the new forum @ nycsargeteam.com I was so impressed w/ Clark Kent that I had to post this reply to his FR on this forum as well as our new one for those who haven't yet registered.***

Went out w/ Clark Kent on Sat. night and a quick day game on Sun where we met up w/ Law Guru and my good friend Cassanova.

Sat Night:

I had had a slow night Friday (met up w/ Achilles and The Shadow) and I wanted to make this weekend count. I saw a new guy on both the forums named Clark Kent. He seemed really cool and said he was a natural. Met up w/ Clark at Plunge. I have to say that I was very IMPRESSED w/ him. It's very rare where I wing w/ someone for the first time when everything works out like you have been doing it for a long time. Clark said he was having a bit of approach anxiety and I was more than happy to help him out. I opened the first few sets I believe and after that Clark became an opening machine. it felt like we opened virtually every set in Plunge. I had a couple of really good sets(one I opened on my own while clark was at the bar getting a drink) and vibed very well w/ them. Both times unfortunately the obstacles dragged off my targets to the ladies room. Clark even had an HB-8 come up to him and start hitting on him. She started giving him a bit of a hard time and Clark wasn't having any of it. He did it all on his own terms. I'm sure he probably could have k-closed of not f-closed her if he wished.

The last set of the night probably went on for a good hour and a half. Clark opened this one. At one point he started telling us all that his target and he were "best friends". Great job on that one bro. My target I looked at as just me winging Clark and keeping her friend occupied, but she turned out to be a LOT of fun. i teased her mercilessly,made fun of her tiny hands(then she wanted to thumb wrestle) and kinoed the hell out of her.
At one point I was tired and mentioned that I wanted to go home.

Her : Oh no, you're not going home yet are you?!

Me : Hey baby I don't know you that well so I'm not bringing you home with me. got to get to know you better first. LOLOLOLOLOL

Loren came by at this time and although it was funny I thought I had overdone it a bit. however w/in two minutes she had her arm around my waist and when I went to hug her and kiss her on the cheek goodnight outside Plunge
SHE kissed ME on the lips! Lol! I'll admit she turned out to be a lot of fun.(Talked w/ her for a while last night although I was really hopped up on cold medicine and spoke even faster than usual! LOLOL!!)

I left Clark and his friend who had just shown up to finish off this great night of sarging w/out me.

BTW LawGuru had come by and I had opened up a two set of German girls w/ Clark. The brunette (my target) was really hott! The blonde was NOTT! Lol! I could see that LawGuru liked the brunette so Clark and I ejected to do more sets. I saw LawGuru bounce w/ the two girls to another venue where they bought him several drinks.

All in all it was an incredible night. clark and I lit up the room. We were unstoppable and no PUA there could keep up w/ us! We winged each other like we had been doing it forever and we came off as we had known each other for a very long time. We had a perfect signal of when it was time to eject and it worked like a charm. Clark had an incredible attitude and everything flowed smoothly. he wanted to push and better himself which he did. Clark Kent will go as far as he wants in this community. To the very top. Very natural indeed. Oh did I mention this was his very FIRST time out sarging! More importantly he's a very cool guy and a friend. can't wait to wing him this weekend.


PUA proteus: like u don't even look at her until she's close
PUA proteus: then u look really surprised and say "oh my god! where did u get those shoes?"
PUA proteus: or skirt of whatever
PUA proteus: cause my gf/friend/whatever wanted to get those same shoes and she dragged me up and down 5th avenue for 5 hours
PUA proteus: and we didn't find them
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